Laser Engraving Cutting machine 1300 x 900mm


  • Mainly used in the advertising industry (Steel and acrylic), sheet metal industry (carbon steel), the packing industry (die board) and other cutting.
  • Acrylic, stainless steel , carbon steel, MDF, die board.
  • Titanium letter, sheet metal furniture cutting, MDF photo frame cutting, metal crafts, die board cutting, etc.
SKU: SF1390
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  • A mixed cutting capacity of the machine: stainless steel, carbon steel, acrylic and wood metal and nonmetal.
  • The machine’s precision: X/Y Lead shine servo with high precision belt conveyors, greatly improve the response speed and precision, extend service life.
  • Good stability: optimizing CNC control system to the precision parts processing, good performance and stable, sustainable long working hours.
  • The good quality of cutting section:  the use of mechanical systems with moving cutting head, cutting head with low follower plate, cutting position remains unchanged, so that the slit smooth, without subsequent processing section, adapted flat or curved sheet metal cutting.
  • The laser machine uses a sealed-off CO2 laser, consumable parts: cooling water, auxiliary gas and laser lights.
  • The laser machine’s structure simple, easy to operate, low maintenance.


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