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    Jeewa Plastic Private Limited

    Jeewa Plastic has become a market leader in supplying premium materials for both indoor and outdoor advertising. Our extensive product range constantly evolves, keeping pace with industry trends and developments. We pride ourselves on forging strategic partnerships with high-quality manufacturers across Asia and Europe, making us the exclusive representatives for several esteemed brands in Sri Lanka. 
    Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our products. We rigorously implement quality control procedures at every stage – from sourcing to delivery – ensuring that every item meets our high standards. Moreover, our cost-effective operational strategies and savvy market timing enable us to provide these premium products at the best prices.


    Our Products

    Why Choose Jeewa Plastic

    25+ Years Undisputed Track Record

    Operating since 1973, the company has built an undisputed reputation for quality, affordable pricing & extensive portfolio of products.

    Wide-spread Operations

    We have set up eight branches/outlets in the commercial hubs around the country to serve the customers beyond the capital city.

    Extensive Range of Products

    Jeewa Plastic maintains a comprehensive range of products for any indoor or outdoor advertising requirements.


    The company maintain an updated inventory of products to ensure the availability of our products all across our outlets to guarantee an outstanding customer service.

    Customer Centric Service

    Customer is the most important element of a business. We strive to understand and cater to the needs of the customers with our extensive knowledge, skills, experience and the range of products.

    Competitive Pricing

    Utilizing the best cost effective strategies, the company offers premium quality products at competitive prices.

    Our Vision

    Provide high quality products to the advertising industry at the best price in the market

    Our Mission

    Understanding the customer needs and the latest trends in the advertising industry to supply the products that meet the needs and the demand while building partnerships with international manufactures to bring the world class products to Sri Lanka



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